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A Brief History of the Window

It’s a bit depressing to imagine living in a home without windows. Windows provide our homes with the beloved natural light that we all crave. They also allow us to spectate on what’s happening outdoors. Homeowners centuries ago didn’t have the same luxury of windows that most of us take for granted today.

Forget about the vinyl windows that many Los Angeles residents have installed in their homes today. The earliest form of a window was merely a hole in the wall that would remain open until a storm threatened, at which point it would be covered with animal hide, cloth, or wide. This open hole would allow for a rather fluid barrier between what was considered to be inside and outside of the home.

The next window progression saw the implementation of shutters. Shutters would be permanently placed next to the window so they could easily be closed or opened at will.

One of the first window prototypes that most closely resembled modern windows were introduced in the Far East, as homeowners placed paper over their windows. This paper would allow shadows and light to pass into the home.

Soon after paper was used as a window partition, the Romans began using glass for windows. This advent took place in Alexandria, circa 100 AD. To be clear, it was only the wealthy class that had the economic ability to own glass windows.

Fast forward two millenniums and glass windows along with wood, wood clad, aluminum, and vinyl windows are commonplace. If any pesky drafts are wafting into your Los Angeles, Santa Monica, or Simi Valley home, you know whom to call.