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After the installation: how to care for your windows and doors

Chances are you’re going to invest a pretty sizeable amount of money when you install or replace windows and doors in your home.  And although the weather in Calabasas is not as harsh as it is in517204b0bd42509f3813f6547d61620d many other parts of the country, you still need to protect your investment and extend life expectancy by performing maintenance on your windows and doors on a regular basis.

Although it doesn’t sit right on the coast, Calabasas is still close enough to the ocean that you probably need to clean your windows and doors every month.   Salt, sand, dirt and other airborne items can scar your glass or get into the working mechanisms, leading to corrosion.  If you live further inland, you should perform window cleaning and maintenance about every three months.

When cleaning, make sure to use gentle cleaners.  Avoid those with abrasive substances, vinegar, citrus or lacquer thinners.  Don’t use razor blades, scrapers or abrasive pads which can easily damage glass or the frame.  Also, avoid using silicone based sprays or lubricants since they can cause parts of some windows to become brittle over time.

What you should use is a mixture of mild soap and water, and then wipe frames and glass dry with a soft cloth.  For the mechanical parts of doors and windows, also use mild soap and water and then lubricate with graphite or light oil lubricants.  Make sure to inspect weather stripping and if there’s a break in the seal, or if it dislodged or crimped, you should replace it.

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