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Blog: Sivan Windows & Doors

How to Add More Natural Light To Your Home

The amount of natural light in our homes is both a boon to the value of our homes as well as our happiness. Optimizing the sunlight we welcome into our...  [Read More >>]

How to Choose the Right Front Door For You

Doors are arguably the most important individual exterior piece of your home. When passersbys cruise by your home, their eyes gravitate towards the entrance. Most importantly, the first interaction guests...  [Read More >>]

What Type of Window Should I Purchase?

Let’s face it; the average person is not a window expert. If we canvassed the streets asking people to describe a picture window, we’d most likely hear one too many...  [Read More >>]

Why Choose Sivan Windows & Doors?

Every company is capable and more than willing to blindly self-aggrandize. But what not every company has is a series of testimonials that tells a complete and accurate story about...  [Read More >>]

How to Create a Glorious Patio

Patios are meant to be the most luxurious outdoor area of the home. They offer the boon of enjoying all that nature has to offer without sacrificing any of the...  [Read More >>]

What Sets Our Windows Apart

Sure we have all the newest and most classic styles to choose from, but we also offer a little something extra. The reason why people keep choosing Sivan windows is...  [Read More >>]

How To Keep Your Home More Insulated

Us Californians love our warmth. Living in the sunshine state means that we have the ability to rely solely on Mother Nature to warm our homes. That’s why it’s so...  [Read More >>]

Augmenting Your House’s Value

Many of us view our homes both as a place for peace and quiet as well as a significant investment. We always see little ways in which we can improve...  [Read More >>]

Whose Side Are You On? Vinyl vs. Aluminum

No matter the choice you make you should know that you’ve already won. For whatever reason, you’ve decided to replace your windows with an aluminum or vinyl window; well done....  [Read More >>]

How to Spot a McMansion

The term McMansion is slowly being accepted into the English lexicon. To be clear, McMansions are architectural anomalies, which don’t comply with any basic architectural concept. These mansions aren’t designed...  [Read More >>]

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