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Blog: Sivan Windows & Doors

Double your savings with energy efficient windows

It’s obvious that when you buy energy efficient windows,over their life,you’ll be saving money from reduced energy costs.  But there’s another way you can save money from the start. If...  [Read More >>]

What to consider before you select replacement windows

In Los Angeles, a good set of windows in your home can pay dividends many times over.  Conversely, if you’re replacing windows and you don’t get it right, you can...  [Read More >>]

Getting the aluminum advantage on window installations

You have many choices when it comes to deciding what material you should choose when it comes to installing or replacing windows in Calabasas. Vinyl and wood have their advantages,...  [Read More >>]

Consider vinyl windows if energy efficiency is important to you

Although living in Los Angeles is not the same as living in snow country, people in Southern California should still be concerned about make sure their home is insulated as...  [Read More >>]

Working with a professional is your best bet when replacing and installing door and window fixtures

According to a recent survey of home inspections by professional engineers, the number one problem of residential construction in North America is the poor installation of windows and doors. In...  [Read More >>]

Sliding Patio Doors or Frameless Bifolding Doors?

For doors offering large ‘glass walls’ and expansive views out to your garden or outdoor space, there is a choice of a bifolding door or a sliding patio door. Bifolding...  [Read More >>]


A full unobstructed view from your home or business is now possible with Sivan Windows & Doors, whether you have an ocean view a hills and mountains view, a city light...  [Read More >>]

How Fiberglass Windows Help You Save Energy and Money

What makes fiberglass windows the most energy saving window for your home? Fiberglass windows have a great reputation for being energy efficient and the facts go to show that they...  [Read More >>]

5 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Fiberglass Sliding Patio Doors

the warm weather is making his way, the best time for outdoor events is getting close, and opening doors for fresh air and revamping the backyard calls for an upgrade to...  [Read More >>]


We all have a to-do list – usually a pretty lengthy one, and while some things get checked off fairly quickly, others, well, just don’t.  A lot of times as...  [Read More >>]

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