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Blog: Sivan Windows & Doors

How Fiberglass Windows Help You Save Energy and Money

What makes fiberglass windows the most energy saving window for your home? Fiberglass windows have a great reputation for being energy efficient and the facts go to show that they...  [Read More >>]

5 Reasons Why Your Home Needs Fiberglass Sliding Patio Doors

the warm weather is making his way, the best time for outdoor events is getting close, and opening doors for fresh air and revamping the backyard calls for an upgrade to...  [Read More >>]


We all have a to-do list – usually a pretty lengthy one, and while some things get checked off fairly quickly, others, well, just don’t.  A lot of times as...  [Read More >>]

Replacing Exterior Doors

New exterior doors can increase your home’s value through greater curb appeal. When upgrading your exterior doors, there are many details to keep in mind. From architectural style to interesting...  [Read More >>]


Replacing a front door is one of the smartest investments a homeowner can make. Have you considered replacing yours? What is holding you back? Well, here are a few things...  [Read More >>]

The Pros and Cons of Vinyl Windows

What pops into your mind when you hear the term “vinyl windows”? If you’re like most people who haven’t done a lot of homework on window replacement probably nothing really...  [Read More >>]

Which Window Is Right For You? Window Replacement From the Beginning

Buying a replacement window is more than buying a pane of glass.  You’re also buying the portion that keeps the glass together and the trimming around it, the frame, the...  [Read More >>]

Windows installation Methods

Now that you’ve selected the type of window and the glass that you want, you need to figure out how  you want them installed. There are basically two ways to install your new windows. You can retrofit, or  choose a new‐construction installation. Retrofit: This is the method that most people choose. In this method, the contractor will order the windows to fit  just inside of your existing frames. We will not remove your old frames…just the glass. Then these new  windows are installed and sealed without the need for damaging either the interior or exterior walls. So what this means for the homeowner is a quick, non‐intrusive installation. It also means that you will  not have to patch drywall or stucco. However, there is a slight disadvantage. By doing it this way, you will lose a little bit of your window size.  This is because we are basically installing a frame inside a frame. But what I find is that most homeowners don’t even notice the difference, and the benefit of not  damaging the walls far outweighs the slight loss in window size. Older Homes with Wood Windows: If you have a home with older wood windows, there are  actually two ways to retrofit. The first way is by using a retrofit  window known as a “block frame”. What this does, is allows  the contractor to set the new vinyl window inside of the old  wood pocket. This way, you keep the original exterior wood stucco mould  and more importantly, the wood sill. The disadvantage to this  is that you still need to maintain the wood sill. But in my  opinion, it is more than  worth a little  maintenance in order to keep that need older look. Now, if the sills are rotted or you just don’t want to deal with the  maintenance, you can cut the sills. However, you will need to  patch the stucco where you cut the sills as the new windows will  not cover all of the way. This is not as invasive as a new‐construction window, but you will ...  [Read More >>]

STC Rating – Measuring Soundproof Windows

Rating Soundproof Windows All of the major performance attributes of a replacement window are going to be rated by the National Fenestration Rating Council (NFRC). This includes things such as...  [Read More >>]

Quieting Your Home with Soundproof Windows

Noise pollution is a huge concern when you live in an urban sprawl like Southern California. And a lot of noise will enter the home through the thin glass in...  [Read More >>]

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