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Are You Looking For a High-Quality Window or Door? We’ve Got It

Browsing through home improvement stores looking for a new window or door can be a laborious process. Improper guides and a lack of options don’t bode well for the future...  [Read More >>]

The Obvious Benefits of Replacing Your Windows

Replacement windows for your LA, Malibu, or Simi Valley home aren’t exactly the first thing you might think to repair or replace. You probably have a long list of home...  [Read More >>]

Part 2: The Most Potentially Destructive Threats to Our Homes

In part one of the most serious threats to our homes, we discussed water leaks, natural disasters, and mold. In part two we’ll take a look at the more latent...  [Read More >>]

Part 1: The Most Potentially Destructive Threats to Our Homes

Although we may not always be able to see them, our homes are under constant attack. Every day our homes clash against the forces of nature in an eternal battle...  [Read More >>]

Vital Window Maintenance Considerations

We have all let our windows go through years and years without any form of maintenance. This lack of care has led to various window repairs and window replacements in...  [Read More >>]

How to Clean Your Windows

So you’ve just installed new wood clad windows in your Los Angeles home and are pretty satisfied with your decision. Your old windows have been replaced, new fashionable windows have...  [Read More >>]

Which DIY Projects Should You Stay Away From?

With the DIY taking the internet by storm, many regular people have taken it upon themselves to try their hands at new skills. Taking on a project without professional help...  [Read More >>]

Common House Repairs That We Overlook

Although it may look like our homes are in no need of repair, there are many areas of the home that require more attention than we give them. The best...  [Read More >>]

Turn Your House Green Following These Three Steps

With the world constantly rotating towards becoming an inferno, it’s our job to do all that we can to decrease our individual carbon footprint. With the home being one of...  [Read More >>]

To Clad or Not to Clad

It’s the classic clad or no clad dilemma. Many a bard has verbosely written of the many pros and cons of the clad and non-clad windows, but now it’s up...  [Read More >>]

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