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Choose French doors for maximum style and functionality

In style conscious Los Angeles, when people think of adding French doors to their homes, it’s usually because they want to add to the overall beauty and design aesthetic of their living spaces.  But the beauty factor is just one of many reasons why French doors may make a great choice for you.

Flexibility. French doors have many applications, whether it’s leading to an outdoor living area or creating a more open feeling between rooms inside your home, where doors are still required.

The Illusion of more space.  One of the great features about French doors is that they can help give the impression that a living space is bigger than it actually is.  This works great in apartments, condos or houses where space is limited and is a premium.

Security.  Advancements in construction of French doors mean that they are easy to customize to include high-grade security locks so that you don’t sacrifice safety in the name of aesthetics in your home.

Sources of light.  French doors remove many of the perceived barriers between indoors and outdoors, making for a more seamless living experience.  In a region where sunshine is the norm, a homeowner can get all the sunny benefits of living here when French doors facilitate the flow of light and air.

A great return.  Installing French doors has been proven to pay for itself time and again in the resale value of a home.  While initial installation costs may be higher, over time, a French door will more than pay for itself, especially at the time of a sale.

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