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Common House Repairs That We Overlook

Although it may look like our homes are in no need of repair, there are many areas of the home that require more attention than we give them. The best way to put an end to a disaster is to prevent it before it even gets started. The next time you’re walking around your home pay extra close attention to these three areas.

Windows & Doors
Have you noticed that every year you feel like you have to turn the thermostat up just a little more than the previous year? This is most likely because your windows are experiencing a near imperceptible yet constant deterioration at the hands of mother nature. There are two signs that your window needs to be replaced. If you feel drafts coming in through your window, or if water is pooling up on the inside of your windows. Window replacement in your area; LA, Malibu, Simi Valley, etc.- are just a phone call away.

A few drips here and there may not seem all too alarming. But a drip or two is the precursor to a major pipe bursting. If you’re trying to convince yourself that you can continue to overlook this issue, think about the exorbitant amount of money you’ll need to pay later if the problem isn’t remedied today.

Clean Those Gutters
A pile up of leaves and debris can lead to more than just overflowing gutters. Gutters harboring too many items can easily invite water into your home and in effect lead to a widespread mold problem or worse. Cleaning the gutters may not be a fun project to do on a Sunday evening, but it’s relatively straightforward and shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours.