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Consider vinyl windows if energy efficiency is important to you

Although living in Los Angeles is not the same as living in snow country, people in Southern California should still be concerned about make sure their home is insulated as well as possible.  Every thermal measure and every dollar counts.

Despite a relatively mild Southern California climate, one of the best investments you can make in making your home energy efficient is through the installation of vinyl windows.  In addition to being economically priced,and easy to clean and maintain, windows made from vinyl offer excellent thermal insulation, meaning you can really rack up savings on heating and cooling costs.

When shopping for a vinyl window there are a couple of key things you should look for:operating_radius_0

R-value and U-value.  The R-value is a measure of how much resistance there is to heat or cold that is leaving or entering a home.  The higher the R-value for a window, the more it will prevent thermal energy from leaving a home.  In turn, this conserves energy used to cool or heat a building.  The U-value is just the opposite of the R-value of a window.  It measures a window’s capacity to transfer heat or cold.

ENERGY STAR Label.  An ENERGY STAR designation on a window means that the government has approved this product as being energy efficient.  Since 1992, the ENERGY STAR program is overseen by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to identify and promote energy efficient products ranging from windows and doors to major appliances, home electronics, and lighting, among many others.  Using ENERGY STAR products can reduce energy bills for homeowners by as much as 30 percent and also have a direct impact on the reduction of greenhouse-gas emissions.

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