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Aluminum Doors

Aluminum is one of the most common and useful materials in the world today. It’s used for making the cans for our favorite drinks, also cars, trucks, trains and aircraft all contain aluminum to some extent. It’s used for thousands of everyday products.

Advantages of Aluminum Door Installation

On many occasions, you will find homes and businesses use aluminum doors for their entrances. Aluminum gives a sleek, smooth and refined look to the entrance of nearly any home or business and requires little maintenance and doesn’t require painting or staining.

In terms of price, aluminum is relatively inexpensive. Aluminum doors usually fall on the lower end of the price range for entry doors. But, aluminum doors don’t have to look cheap just because their materials are inexpensive. Also, the materials for aluminum doors are easily available and recyclable.

Usually, your choice of glass is the determining factor when it comes to the cost of your aluminum door. Many homeowners opt for features such as sidelights and transoms, the panels on the sides of your door. Glass features can add to the overall cost of the door.

In comparison to other doors, such as fiberglass and steel, aluminum isn’t the most energy efficient door option due to its thermal conductivity. Aluminum doors will absorb hot and cold air more than steel and fiberglass, but aluminum doors can be insulated to increase their energy efficiency.

Go Green with an Affordable, Sustainable & Recyclable Aluminum Door

Since aluminum is a recyclable material, it is known as one of the more sustainable materials around. However, aluminum requires the use of more energy in order to extract. In recent years, an effort to manufacture less new aluminum has been made in favor of using recycled materials. Over 75% of all aluminum produced in still in existence.

Aluminum offers an inexpensive yet strong alternative for you entry door. Aluminum is very easy to customize to nearly any style you desire and a wide variety of pre-made doors are available for purchase. Be sure to contact us when it’s time to install your new aluminum door.