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Wood Doors

There’s nothing more timeless and classic than doors made from wood. Wood is considered more for high-end homes than any other materials. If you’re looking for a distinctive entry for your home, wood is your first choice. Wood doors welcome guests with a feeling of warmth as well as add a distinctive look to home’s entrance. And although a wood door can be more expensive (a cheap wood door should be avoided) than other types of doors, a wood door adds prestige and curb appeal to a home.

A wood door will save you money on utility bills. Wood is a natural insulator, and it insulates hundreds of times better than aluminum. Wood doors are easier to work with when it’s time to change locks and latches. Solid wood doors also cut down on outside noise better than the alternatives.

The best quality doors are made of solid hardwood. Doors can be made from several different kinds of wood such as maple, oak, pine, cherry, elm, beech, mahogany or fir. Wood doors that come pre-finished are low-maintenance and durable. Some wood doors are made from composite materials pressed together at high temperatures. A veneer is then applied to the particle board. If you are concerned that your wood door purchase is environmentally friendly, the Forest Stewardship Council can assure you your purchase was sustainably harvested.

Usually, if a wood door is chipped or the finish is scratched, it is an easy home touch-up repair. Wood doors will never rust and are less prone to condensation. Wood doors are more resistant to air and wind than metal doors.

If you opt for an unfinished door, you can do the work yourself, but the quality depends on the top coat you apply. But, unlike other types of doors, wood doors can be easily transformed with a new top coat finish or paint.

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