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Q. How long does window replacement take?
A. Most replacement jobs can be done in a day. However, if it is a large job, or a job with several doors it can go two or three days. But we can tell you up front how long we expect it to take.
Q. I have seen multiple manufacturers of windows, and they all look alike. I’m confused! How can I tell if I’m getting a quality window?
A. There are a few things I look for in a quality window. I want to know how long the manufacturer has been in business and how large the company is. Because the warranty is only good if the manufacturer is in business to service it. Also, I look at build quality, and I prefer manufacturers with a local presence. This way, if I need to meet with someone from the factory face-to-face I can do that. The best way to compare windows is to have us come out and explain the differences between the manufacturers you are considering. We offer a free consultation.
Q. I’ve purchased windows from a local building supply, and I would like you to install them. Do you offer that service?faq
A. Unfortunately, no. You see, the proper measurement of the windows is critical to a successful installation. So to ensure that all windows are sized properly, we only install windows we measure.
Q. What is the EPA Leadsafe Rule and does it apply to me?
A. The EPA Leadsafe Renovation, Repair and Paint Rule (RRP) was passed to standardize safe practices when dealing with a home that has lead-based paint. If your home was built in 1978 or earlier, you are subject to the EPA’s Leadsafe RRP Rule. If this is you, be sure to select an EPA Leadsafe Certified firm such as ourselves. This way you can be sure that your project will be done safely. And it is the law!
Q. sivan, we would like to have you give us a free consultation regarding our window project. How far will your company travel?
A. We will go nearly anywhere in LA County, Ventura County, Encino, Tarzana, Calabasas, Reseda and areas within a 40 miles radius of Los Angeles.
Q. We are in the market for Wood Windows, but every contractor we talk to is pushing vinyl. What gives?
A. Well, there are many window replacement companies that only offer vinyl. And if that is what they sell, then that is what they will try to sell you. With our company, we sell vinyl as well as many other types of windows. So if you are looking for Wood, Aluminum, Clad, Steel or Fiberglass, we can definitely help you!
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