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How to Add More Natural Light To Your Home

The amount of natural light in our homes is both a boon to the value of our homes as well as our happiness. Optimizing the sunlight we welcome into our living rooms and kitchens can change the entire atmosphere of our home. But creating a path for light to come into our rooms isn’t exactly an easy endeavor. Here are some ways you can add some more light to your home without knocking out an entire wall.

Think Lighter Wall Colors
If you’re complaining that it feels like your home is sucking up too much light, the first place to look is at your walls. Dark colors absorb light, whereas lighter colors reflect it. Get the most from the light you let into your home by repainting your walls or purchasing furniture that adds light to your home rather than absorbing it.

Mirror, Mirror
The name of the game is reflection. That being the case, it’s more than sensible that you add one or two grand mirrors into your home. Even if your walls are entirely white, they still absorb a bit of light. Make the light in your room last for as long as possible when you add a mirror or two to your home.

How About a Picture Window
Picture windows are typically the largest windows you’ll find in a home. Replace your Los Angeles home’s window with a picture styled window to allow the most amount of light into your home. You can also change up your patio door with a sliding door to add more light to one of the most active rooms in your home.