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How to Choose the Right Front Door For You

Doors are arguably the most important individual exterior piece of your home. When passersbys cruise by your home, their eyes gravitate towards the entrance. Most importantly, the first interaction guests will have with your home is the front door. As the gateway to your home, it must be a welcoming sight. When choosing a front door, you should consider what first impression you’d like to make on somebody before they enter your home. Here are a few things to consider before parting with your money.

What about your personality do you want your door to convey? When shopping around for a door, make sure it adheres to your personality while also complementing your house’s architecture. You wouldn’t want to buy something that in no way resembles the rest of your home. Consider adding a wood, wood clad, or stained window to add a little variety to your entrance.

Do you have a standard doorway, or will your new door need to be bigger than the average 32-36 inch wide door? Will you have double doors or a single massive door, will it be glass, will you have two doors? Before buying anything, bust out the tape measurer and make sure you know the size of your door.

Material and style go hand in hand. However, a number of styles can be found in three main materials: wood, fiberglass, and steel. The material you choose will affect the longevity and cost of your door.

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