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How to Clean Your Windows

So you’ve just installed new wood clad windows in your Los Angeles home and are pretty satisfied with your decision. Your old windows have been replaced, new fashionable windows have taken their place, and you’re now saving more money with your new eco-friendly windows. After you’re done giving yourself a pat on the back for making the right decision, it’s time to consider how you’ll be maintaining your windows in the future. Just because they look new now doesn’t mean they’ll stay that way forever. Take care of your windows by learning the proper way to clean them.

Clean the Frame
As we know, frames can come in all different materials. Apart from a wood frame, all of your frames should be cleaned with the use of a multipurpose cleaner. Spray the cleaner on the frame or a microfiber cloth and give your frame a quick rubdown. Frames often go overlooked, but a clean frame contributes to the overall aesthetic of your window.

Prep the Window
This next step is optional but recommended for anyone who wants the most from their window. Rub a dollop of mayonnaise over the window and subsequently use a credit card to remove the mayonnaise. The mayo is intended to dissolve any unwanted adhesive. The credit card will remove the mayo without scratching the window.

Spray the Window
Use a multipurpose cleaner to spray the window. Spray the window from top to bottom. After the window has been sprayed, wipe it clean from left to right and top to bottom. Use a microfiber cloth or a newspaper for a streak-free finish.