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How To Keep Your Home More Insulated

Us Californians love our warmth. Living in the sunshine state means that we have the ability to rely solely on Mother Nature to warm our homes. That’s why it’s so bothersome when we feel the need to turn up the heat in our homes. A poorly insulated LA or Malibu home is a sin. Put your home on track towards lower heating costs and more energy efficiency by implementing these changes.

Replace Your Windows
Even though you may not see a crack in your window, it still may be allowing cold air to waft into your home. If your windows fog up or let drafts in, it’s time to replace your windows. It doesn’t matter whether you replace them with aluminum, vinyl, wood clad or Milgard. Any type of window is better than letting in the cold.

Seal Your Doors
If you don’t want to go about replacing your entire door, you can install a draft excluder to keep the cold out and the heat in. These excluders can easily be hooked onto the bottom of the door where the door isn’t completely touching the floor. They can also be installed on top of your door.

Insulate the Hot Water Tank
If you find that your water takes ages to heat up, there may be a problem with your hot water tank. If this is the case, you can get an insulation blanket and wrap your tank up to keep your water hotter for a longer period of time.

These improvements will not only keep your home warmer but will also offset heating costs.