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Part 1: The Most Potentially Destructive Threats to Our Homes

Although we may not always be able to see them, our homes are under constant attack. Every day our homes clash against the forces of nature in an eternal battle that requires careful attention being paid to the integrity of our homes. Although some of these forces may be latent, it’s important to know what our homes are going up against to formulate the best defense.

Water Leaks
While it may be relatively easy to spot a leak during a rainy day, it’s often difficult to detect an internal leak caused by pipe damage. The best way to locate a leak is to be on the lookout for water condensation, musty odors, or damp spots. If you’re hoping to catch a leak in the act, you might be out of luck. The easiest and sadly most unfortunate way to know if a leak is occurring is to look for the damage that it’s caused. If you do have a leak, it’s best to call a professional or fix the problem as soon as it’s spotted.

Natural Disasters
With global warming causing havoc all over the earth, storms are becoming both more frequent and more severe. Fortify your house by replacing old windows with new ones and strengthening the weak spots of your home. Reinforce the meek areas of your home before a storm can do its worst.

Poll a neighborhood of homeowners, and they’ll most likely say their first or second most fearful threat to their home is mold. People are so fearful of mold because it typically lays dormant until the moment when your wall comes caving in. Stop mold before it starts by finding the culprit: water intrusion.