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Part 2: The Most Potentially Destructive Threats to Our Homes

In part one of the most serious threats to our homes, we discussed water leaks, natural disasters, and mold. In part two we’ll take a look at the more latent and oft-overlooked hazards that may be tucked away inside your home. The most common and most expensive mistake we can make is to underestimate the amount of damage that seemingly minor nuisances can cause to our homes.

Dust & Debris
Dust and debris will most likely not cause extensive damage to your home. It is recommended that you wipe away the dust from your wood windows, but as a Los Angeles homeowner or a resident of a nearby town, your biggest worry is that you may develop a respiratory issue. Declutter, leave your shoes at the door, use screen doors, dust everything, and wipe down your floors to decrease the chances of respiratory problems. An excess of debris buildup can also lead to air ducts being crammed. If an inordinate amount of water settles in this debris, it can lead to mold problems.

Toxic Cleaning Products
Cleaning products often use highly active ingredients to get the job done. The downside of this is that they often pose a health risk if you’re constantly being exposed to them. If you’re a prolific cleaner, consider buying only ‘green cleaning products.’

When the public finally learned of the danger of formaldehyde, there was widespread panic. Even a minimal amount of formaldehyde can cause eye, nose or throat irritation, rashes, breathing problems, asthma attacks and more. It is recommended that only furniture with laminated surfaces be brought into your home. Any materials that contain formaldehyde should be aired out, outside of the home before they’re put into use.