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Picking the Best Windows for Your Los Angeles Home

Installing new windows in your Los Angeles home is a major investment. Good windows should not only look great, but be able to bring the outside in when you want, and keep the elements out when you don’t want them in! There are several different options, as far as style, function and performance go. However, with all the many choices, the deciding which is best for your home and lifestyle can be overwhelming!

What to know about the window replacement process.taylor-windows

There are five common words, or lingo, you should know before you start the window replacement process! A sash is a moveable frame that holds the window glass. If you install a double-hung window, it will be made up of two moveable sashes. A mull joins two or more windows together. Muntins are strips of wood that divide the sash into smaller sections of glass. These smaller sections are known as lites. You might hear the ‘R value’. This is a measure of the efficiency of insulation. The higher the R value, the more insulation the window will have. The thin layer of metal, or waterproof material that keeps water out of the joints in the corners is called flashing.

Siding effects what type of window installation you should have.milgard-slice-01

When you are looking at the different types of windows, remember to take into consideration what type of siding you have. Wood, vinyl, and even brick siding can get water that will run behind it. So, think about how that water is getting behind the wall sheathing and pick your window accordingly. Tyvek, or some type of building wrap, should be lapped over so water can’t get behind the window. Flashing tape should be used to seal the window.

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