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To Clad or Not to Clad

It’s the classic clad or no clad dilemma. Many a bard has verbosely written of the many pros and cons of the clad and non-clad windows, but now it’s up to you to choose. Don’t be persuaded by 18th-century sonnets that glorify both types, but instead come to an understanding on your own about which type of window is right for you.

Clad Windows
Wood clad windows can be found making a comeback in the Los Angeles area. While the clad frame of a window is typically made of wood, they can also come in various other materials. The exterior cladding is usually composed of fiberglass, vinyl, or aluminum. Their rise to popularity in recent times is due in part to their regal look as well as their sturdiness, though the longevity of your clad window depends on which material you decide to clad your window with. Clad windows are also known as efficient insulators. Such insulation means that you’ll be dishing out less money on your heating bill come the end of the month.

Non-Clad Windows
Windows sans clad do not have a wood, aluminum, or vinyl frame. The frameless window is the only major aesthetic difference between these two types of windows. This window is 100% fiberglass, vinyl, or aluminum. When you use fiberglass, for example, you won’t have to worry about your windows warping. They also provide a solid line of defense against external air that might want to waft into your home. That being said, non-clad windows are often chosen simply because they are more cost-efficient than cladded windows.