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What Sets Our Windows Apart

Sure we have all the newest and most classic styles to choose from, but we also offer a little something extra. The reason why people keep choosing Sivan windows is that we offer a number of unique window efficiency options that other window and door installation companies do not offer. Here’s a brief primer to help you get acquainted with your many window options.

Apex 9100 Windows
The apex windows are best known for insulating homes and by locking in heat and keeping the cold out. These types of windows will, in turn, reduce the money you spend on heating. They also have a reputation for lasting longer than your standard window. Their specifications include energy efficiency, leak-proof frame, affordability, insulating sound, and resistance to moisture and corrosion. This window would be an excellent choice for any LA resident considering window replacement.

Renolit EXOFOL FX Windows
While the specs of these windows may not sound cooler than Ronilt EXOFOL FX, they do offer some pretty smart and sustainable perks. The FX has a high performing, acrylic-based exterior film that adds durability and a sheik look to the window. If you’re looking for a window that can stand up to the elements, you’ll be thankful to know that the FX is weather and ultraviolet resistant, resulting in an ability to maintain its finish and color over time.

EnergySaver Windows
The benefits of installing these windows are relatively self-explanatory. They keep cold air from leaking into your home, in turn saving you money in the long run. They’re affordable, long-lasting, low-maintenance, and insulate better than any of your current windows.