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What Type of Window Should I Purchase?

Let’s face it; the average person is not a window expert. If we canvassed the streets asking people to describe a picture window, we’d most likely hear one too many pun jokes and nothing that remotely resembles the correct answer. Before you make a window replacement in the Los Angeles area, do your due diligence and read up on the many types of windows that are out there.

Awning Windows
Awning windows are typically placed in bathrooms or other smaller rooms that can’t handle a large window. Unlike most windows, they are hinged on top and open outward. They’re also usually found to be wider than they are tall. These windows can stand-alone but are also found side by side with other awning windows.

Bay & Bow
These types of windows are often found in the living room area or kitchen and allow a significant amount of natural light to enter the home. The B&B style is a collection of at least three windows that extend outward from the home. They can be found in a number of different styles and also function in a multitude of ways.

Casement Windows
The casement style window may more or less be what you imagine the standard window to look like. These windows are hinged on the sides and open outward. They can open left or right and appear taller than wider.

Picture Windows
Picture windows are large one-pane windows that can most often be found in the living room area. Their large shape means that they can either stand-alone or be paired with other picture windows to create an even more grand effect.