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When wood-framed windows make the most sense

Once you’ve decided to replace your windows, you have lots of choices to make in terms of styles,colors and materials.  While there is no absolute right or wrong when it comes to deciding what you want, in many cases, certain decisions just make more sense.

One of the most basic choices you have to decide on is what material your windows should be made of.  With each material, there are pros and cons for you to consider.

However, in Los Angeles and across the country, wood-framed windows make the most sense.

Wood frames provide the best insulation than just about any other kind of window material.  It’s been estimated that wood provides up to 400 times more insulation than steel framed windows and an astounding 1,800 times as much as aluminum framed windows.  That can translate into real savings, especially in places where the seasonal temperatures can be extreme.

Wood frames are the ultimate “green” material as well.  Because trees are a renewable source, wood is easily the most eco-friendly material available.

And with proper care, wood frames have an extremely long product life.  Unlike metal frames, wood frames will never rust, which can be a huge advantage in coastal areas or in places where high humidity is a problem.

Aesthetically, wood is also the preferred choice among homeowners.  Many other materials are manufactured to look like wood framed windows.  But with a wood frame, you get the real thing.  Wood accepts paint more easily than any other material as well, making it highly adaptable to any type of décor.

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