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Why you should install sliding glass doors

If you’re comparing types of doors to install leading to the backyard from your home, there are lots of reasons why going with a sliding glass door is the best choice.

Let the sun shine in.  In Los Angeles, where sunny weather reigns supreme, your home can enjoy the beauty and the benefits of sliding glass doors that let natural light flood into your home.  Sunlight has long been shown to be a natural cure for depression and can be just what the doctor ordered to help you battle the blues.

A room with a view.  If the sun is able to shine in, that means you can also have a great view to the outside as well.  Sliders with unobscured glass give you a picture perfect view of your world like few other types of windows can.

Energetic about savings.  Sliding doors are excellent choices when it comes to savings on energy costs.  With more natural light coming in, your house can be heated naturally when its cold outside.  And when you want to cool your house off in the evenings or in the spring and fall, all you have to do is open the sliders for a big burst of fresh, cool air.

Space efficiency.  With sliding doors, there no need to have a swing clearance like you would with a hinged door.  That gives you much more usable space which is critical in smaller or confined areas.

Safety and security.  Reach-out locking mechanisms mean that a sliding door will close tightly into a jamb.  That enhances safety, and it creates an extra tight weather seal.

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