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Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is a synthetic plastic material used for anything from wallpaper to LP records. Vinyl is also known as polyvinyl chloride or PVC. Vinyl is known as the world’s most versatile plastic.

Vinyl is the most commonly used material for framing doors and windows. Each company has its own “recipe” for making vinyl and it determines its quality and durability. For example, titanium oxide causes the vinyl to be more heat resistant. Vinyl windows are also easily cleaned and maintained. They are resistant to mold, dirt and UV rays from the sun.


The Benefits of Choosing a Vinyl Window for your Los Angeles Property

There are many advantages to choosing a window made from vinyl. First off, vinyl is virtually maintenance-free. Vinyl provides good thermal insulation so you’ll save on heating and cooling costs. Compared to aluminum windows, vinyl is a much more energy efficient material. Vinyl windows are strong and have what are called good “R-Value” which is a rating for a window’s material’s resistance to heat. The higher the R-Value, the greater energy efficiency. The savings, over a period of just a few years, make up for the costs of the windows.

Vinyl windows are some of the most economical windows on the market. They come in a variety of price ranges and, of course, quality. For the most part, vinyl window frames come in neutral colors or white. Vinyl does come in a variety of colors, however, since vinyl doesn’t allow you to change the color you choose, many people stay with more muted or neutral colors. Vinyl is not a paintable material. Vinyl windows are available in matte, shiny or a faux-wood finish. Vinyl can be shaped and molded into almost any style you would like. However, vinyl never needs to be scraped, painted or stained, making it one of the most versatile, yet easiest to care for window materials.

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