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Wood Windows

Wood still remains the top, traditional choice for window frames. This is because of its natural beauty, which cannot be found in synthetic materials. Wood is an attractive option for windows because it can be painted a solid color, or stained to show its natural grain. Wood deliver exceptional thermal performance because it is easy to work with and has inherent insulating qualities. However, wood does require more maintenance than other materials and it is the highest priced option. But, it is important to remember that real wood also adds curb appeal to your home.

Wood windows could be able to help you save money on bills as well because it is a natural insulator, and it insulates way better than aluminum. The best quality windows are made of solid hardwood. Windows can be made from several different kinds of wood such as maple, oak, pine, cherry, elm, beech, mahogany or fir.

Usually, if a wood window is chipped or the finish is scratched, it is an easy home touch-up repair. Wood windows typically do not rust and are less prone to condensation. Wood windows have also been proven to be more resistant to air and wind than metal windows.


There are a variety of different brands of wood windows to choose from. The professionals at Sivan Windows and Doors can help you choose which would be best suitable to your home and preference. The following are brands offered by Sivan:

  • Milgard
  • Amerimax
  • Simenton
  • Valve
  • Fleetwood
  • J.T
  • Geltwin

Check out our amazing window gallery here to get ideas for your new windows! Call Sivan today for a FREE consultation at 818-330-6664. Our hours are Mon- Fri: 8:00 am – 7:00 pm. Currently, we are offering a special for FIVE WINDOWS FOR ONLY $2,495! Reach out to one of our consultants today for more information.