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Woodclad windows are a preferred choice for many reasons

If you’re not familiar with the term “woodclad” it simply means that a window frame has a wood interior that is bonded over with another type of material, usually PVC or aluminum.

A woodclad window can offer many advantages to the homeowner.

Woodclad windows have more mass than vinyl windows and that means they have more noise insulating properties.  If outside noise reduction is a priority, when teamed up with the right glass, this can be a very effective option.  That mass also means they are excellent choices when it comes to energy efficiency as well.

Woodclad windows give the warm look of wood on the interior of a home, but much less exterior maintenance is required.  In addition, the interior of the window can be painted or stained to match the interior of a color scheme, giving the homeowner design flexibility.

In Los Angeles, where temperatures are generally on the mild side, aluminum woodclad windows are a preferred choice over vinyl.  They aren’t as great as insulating as vinyl, but they are more durable, meaning a longer shelf life for Angelino homeowners.  In other parts of the country with high humidity and heat, fiberglass is a more popular choice.

Although woodclad windows are more expensive than vinyl windows up front, remodeling surveys show that woodclad windows tend to increase the costs recouped over the vinyl alternative.  This is especially true in the Pacific region, where woodclad windows have an estimated return on investment of 102 percent of their cost.

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