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Working with a professional is your best bet when replacing and installing door and window fixtures

According to a recent survey of home inspections by professional engineers, the number one problem of residential construction in North America is the poor installation of windows and doors.

In Los Angeles, whether you are involved in building a new home, or replacing and installing vinyl windows, wooden windows, sliding doors, French doors or traditional single hinge doors, proper installation is critical.milgard-slice-01

Do-it-yourselfers can save if they take on a project like this on their own, but they run the risk of just becoming another statistic if their work is not up to par.  A better strategy may be to work with a window and door professional who has the needed experience and knows what to look out for, especially since every house, and every installation presents its own unique challenges.

The key to a proper installation is to keep the window or door level and square.  Installers know that for the best installation, there must be uniformity in the horizontal, vertical and diagonal dimensions in the opening.  This is especially critical in the case of sliding glass doors, where a smooth sliding operation means everything to the proper function of the door.

After solidly attaching the door to the opening, an installer needs to add insulation and a water sealant to protect the door from things like moisture penetration into the window and joints that may come apart when they are placed under any kind of stress.  Knowing how much to apply and exactly how to apply it may seem like details, but they are critical factors in making sure windows and doors function as well as possible for as long as possible.

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