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Fleetwood Windows

Since 1961, Fleetwood Windows & Doors has taken modern style windows and doors to the next level. Their strong attention to detail and “architectural integrity” has truly defined the look of luxurious homes.



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Fleetwood Windows and Doors have a proud 57+ year history as a California-based window and door manufacturer. In a time when others were making products in foreign countries, Fleetwood has remained true to its essential purpose as an American company, employing American workers making quality products.

Fleetwood Windows and Doors believe in helping support the American dream of success by relying on ingenuity and work ethic, which has made the United States of America the greatest country in the world.

Homeowners will discover that Fleetwood Windows and Doors continue to blaze a trail of top quality and innovative design, like their patented Archetype door latch system. We believe homeowners will discover that Fleetwood offers much more value than any other window and door company.

About Fleetwood’s Window Material

One of the unique traits of Aluminum is its ability to have multiple finishes. If properly maintained, these finishes will last a lifetime.

Benefits on using Aluminum Windows by Fleetwood

Low Maintenance

Without question, aluminum is the most durable and easily maintained window material. For general applications where regular maintenance of your windows is expected, Fleetwood’s standard anodize finishing is an excellent choice for durability purposes.


Aluminum is a fantastic building product for those concerned about sustainability. It is naturally plentiful and perpetually surviving. Moreover, aluminum rates very high in Life Cycle Assessment and leaves a small ecological footprint. All windows and doors eventually must be replaced but aluminum windows and doors last decades longer than wood and vinyl. Consider the impact on the world’s landfills with all the wood and vinyl waste. Additionally, imagine the wasted energy on redundant manufacturing of short-lived wood and vinyl windows and doors.

Energy Compliant

Though not as efficient as wood, aluminum allows huge glass expanses that not only accentuate your view but also welcome more natural light.

Fire-Heat Resistance

Products designed to resist the impingement of flames are often made of steel, which has limits in function and design. In contrast, aluminum, though not fireproof, offers diverse design elements with practical fire performance. Specifically, aluminum windows can help maintain firewall integrity because extruded aluminum retains its form at over 1000ºF, is non-combustible, and is an ignition resistant material. Typical residential windows are quickly destroyed by heat and flames, creating large openings for flying embers to enter. The urban wild fire building codes are addressing some of these practical realities and seem to be leaning toward aluminum or steel as the preferred building material.