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At Last, A Beginner’s Guide for Window and Door Replacement

It’s common for homeowners to feel overwhelmed with all the window and door replacement options in Los Angeles county. We’ve heard it often when helping first-time buyers: What should we know when replacing windows and doors for the first time? The truth is, Los Angeles has many window and door companies selling a variety of window and door replacement brands. Luckily for you, Sivan is making it easy for you to start your windows and doors project. Here’s where to start.

First, figure out your budget.

Have you set a budget? If your windows and doors are out-of-date and require an upgrade, consult a window and door replacement dealer, like Sivan Windows and Doors.
If you’re doing a home remodeling project and can spare a couple of thousand dollars for upgraded hardware, consult with a larger window manufacturer.

Next,  research the right materials.

Window Frames

If you’ve never replaced your windows before, chances are your windows still have an aluminum frame. Aluminum is not a very energy efficient material, so we recommend you upgrade to vinyl. Vinyl windows and doors are the best window and door replacement materials because they are energy efficient and long-lasting.

If you consider Milgard Windows and Doors or Simonton Windows and Doors, their vinyl lines are weather-tested to maintain their integrity for thirty or more years. Products come with lifetime (or even double-lifetime) warranties.

Glass Types

Look for Double -Pane windows with Low-E and Argon Gas. These coatings reflect heat inside your home and reflect UV rays outside your home to keep your family safe.

Consider Triple Pane Glass. The glass and gas work together to plug any “thermal holes” that may leak in hot hair. Triple Pane glass is an excellent option for homes with constant exposure to the sun.

Lastly, call the right window and door replacement dealers.

Sivan Windows and Doors is a preferred dealer by Milgard Windows and Doors. Milgard is known for being one of California’s largest window manufacturers. Their windows and doors are commonly used in new construction projects and are available for private homeowners through window and door dealerships, like Sivan!

What’s our favorite window and door product from Milgard?

The Tuscany® Series by Milgard has the styling of wood windows with equal sightlines and frame shapes that create unique shadow lines. Tuscany® Series windows and patio doors are made from a premium vinyl formula, resulting in superior energy efficiency and performance. Milgard’s Tuscany® series is an efficient window replacement brand for any first-time buyer.
Tuscany® Series Window Benefits:

  • A broad range of operating styles
  • Custom Sizes and Design Options
  • Unique Shapes and combinations
  • Innovative SmartTouch® technology
  • Pull rail screens

Want to hear more? If you’d like to see our showroom or speak to a windows representative, contact us.

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