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Top 10 Reasons Home Owners Replace Windows

Choosing the right window replacement for your home can be a daunting task. Most homeowners express they get overwhelmed by all of the terminology, process, and decisions that go into replacing a single window. Especially in today’s market, many homeowners are receiving high pressure from sales representatives to buy fast and not smart.

These high-pressure sales tactics leave homeowners with windows that do not fit their wants, style, budget, or needs. Most of the time, inexperienced sales representatives will not hear what the homeowner needs and, instead, push the cheapest products with a high margin to get homeowners to buy. They lack experience in the right alternative products, design choices, and safe replacement techniques.

Sivan has the homeowner’s best interest at heart. Contact Sivan Windows and Doors for replacement windows and doors.

There are a lot of reasons why homeowners choose to replace windows. Sivan Windows and Doors understands them all when it comes to the best window and door replacement options.

  1. Better Home Value – New windows not only improve your quality of living, but they can put a higher value on your home. Sivan Windows has worked with interior designers, contractors, and house-flippers to bring quality windows and aesthetics into home remodeling to entice future home buyers

  2. UV Protection – Ultraviolet rays from the sun are not only harmful to furniture but can be harmful to humans, too. Skin cancer and eye problems can be a result of constant exposure to direct sunlight. Updated window technology can help with the amount of visible light transmittance being let into your home by your old windows.

  3. Easy to Clean – Sivan Windows knows how important your time can be. With so much to do and so little time, who has the availability to clean windows? Dirty windows can reduce the amount of sunlight being let into your home and can let dirt in during high winds. Many new features allow homeowners clean windows from the inside. Double hung windows allow homeowners to tilt their windows inward, making it easier than ever to clean your windows.

  4. Comfort – Nobody likes to let hot outside air into their home during the summer. Likewise, cold drafts during the winter can be uncomfortable. New, energy-efficient windows are designed to keep a tight seal. Perfect for extremely hot or cold days.

  5. Durability – New, high-quality windows can be costly. This is because modern windows are designed with the latest technology to eliminate human error and bring you the best quality with little cost. In return, homeowners can expect high performance and energy savings for years to come!

  6. Maintenance Free – Manufacturers, like Milgard, offers updated windows designed with the latest tech to bring homeowners windows that require little-to-no maintenance, like vinyl windows. Besides regular cleaning and yearly routine check-ups, homeowners can expect to pay less in repairs and maintenance costs.

  7. Safety – Windows are now being offered with high-quality tempered glass (safety glass) to ensure easy escapes in case of natural disasters, falls, or glass breakage. For higher protection, laminated glass can reduce the chance of break-ins and eliminate the need for security bars.

  8. Aesthetics – Nobody likes ugly or outdated windows. Modern windows can provide a clean, sleek look to older homes while providing ultimate energy efficiency. Windows made from aluminum, clad wood, or fiberglass can provide a pleasant look while being virtually low maintenance. These types of materials can eliminate the need to repaint your home throughout the year.

  9. Noise Reduction – A variety of glass options can bring your home a significant reduction in noise pollution from busy streets or airports. Homeowners now have the option of upgrading their glass to double pane or triple pane windows. More glass in between the panes can add layers of protection and eliminate as much sound as possible.

  10. Energy Efficiency – Homeowners are now choosing to live smarter by taking advantage of energy efficient windows and doors. Homeowners can expect to save anywhere between 15-20% more on utility bills by the replacement of windows and doors.

  11. Sivan Windows and Doors offers some of the best pricing for windows and doors and considers to be one of the best replacement dealers in town. Just check out our reviews! Contact us to Schedule an Appointment for additional help with your new replacement windows and doors.

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