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What You Need to Know About Window Frames

Why Are Window Frames Important?

It’s good to prepare with background knowledge about the best window replacement options. There are a lot of methods for choosing replacement windows. Window frames are the support and structure of a replacement window. These frames can vary between the type of replacement project. Ask yourself, will this be a retrofit window or new construction window?

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Different Frame Materials for Replacement Windows

Cost Effective Options

Vinyl Window Smart Touch Lock
Style Line Series Vinyl Windows by Milgard Windows and Doors

Vinyl Replacement Windows

Vinyl is the leading option when replacing windows and doors. You’ll find it surprising to know the number of dealers that carry vinyl when you start shopping around. Vinyl windows are the least expensive windows that you can buy. Many homeowners will also appreciate it’s low maintenance. Overall, this material is the most beneficial window replacement option compared to others.

Window Smart Lock by Milgard
Essence Series Windows by Milgard Windows and Doors

Fiberglass Replacement Windows

For a durable window replacement window frame, fiberglass is an excellent choice. Like vinyl, this material is virtually maintenance free and is customizable. Manufacturers can appear to make it look like wood or be a solid color. Therefore, homeowners can mix color schemes or add faux wood grain to the exterior and interior of the window frame.

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Other Frame Materials for Replacement Windows

For Luxury Homes

Wood Clad Close-Up Milgard Windows and Doors
Essence Series Windows by Milgard Windows and Doors

Wood Replacement Windows

Wood replacement windows are popular among homeowners because of their sophisticated aesthetic. Although wood replacement windows are in high demand, they can get rather expensive. Wood requires constant care from weather and insects depending on your home geography. Window and door contractors can provide extra information on replacement wood windows.

If not, another option is to look into Milgard Essence Series® replacement windows. Milgard combines a durable fiberglass exterior with a solid wood interior. You’ll fall in love with wood’s lasting beauty and exceptional performance.

Panoramic View Windows by Milgard Windows and Doors
Aluminum Windows by Milgard Windows and Doors

Aluminum Window Replacement Windows

Aluminum windows are perfect for modern, contemporary homes. Their sleek design can upgrade the look of your home with little remodeling effort if in the right city. Homes near the coast or large bodies can harm aluminum. Salt water can corrode the metal material and cost extra to repair or replace.

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To sum up, choosing the right window frame can prevent future issues. Consider materials before choosing your brand new windows. The frame of the window is the structural backbone. Thus, it can affect the functioning of the window for decades later. Retrofit windows come with their own built-in frame which can make your decision a lot easier.

Frame Types

The 3 Types of Frame Types for Replacement Windows

Nail-in (“new construction”)

-“Nail-in” or “Nail-on” frame windows are for new construction projects. For example, if building a room addition or adding a wall.

Z-Bar (“Retrofit”) or Flush Fin Window

-Flush Fin and Z-Bar window frames are the same types of frame. These vinyl frames surround the perimeter of the replacement window. If replacing old aluminum windows, this type of frame can be an ideal choice. Most important, flush fin frames prevent damage to stucco and the inside wall.


-A block frame is a non-finned window frame. Similarly, this frame is for retrofitting or new construction projects.

The Right Time to Replace

When should you replace window frames?

You should assess the condition of your window frame before choosing to replace. For instance, wood windows can be worth repairing; but, it may not be worth the trouble if it has begun to rot. Rot can lead to water penetration and can lead to structural wall damage. Consider switching to vinyl for a cost-effective way to replace windows.

Brand Warranties

Look for Window Frame Warranty Details

Manufacturers will offer you Lifetime Warranties when purchasing replacement windows. Remember to read the fine print to find out how long the warranty is and under what terms and conditions.

Milgard windows and Simonton windows offer great warranties on replacement windows. Besides providing premium materials, manufacturer warranties cover a variety of situations. Ask your window provider for a copy of your warranty after the installation. Manufacturers may need you to register your new replacement windows via their website.

Above all, professional window professionals are the only qualified people that should be taking measurements and installing.

Sivan Windows and Doors can provide additional information about aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass replacement windows. Contact us or visit our showroom for additional information.

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